Atomic Wallet Review 2021 – Details, Trading Fees, and Features

This is an immediate investigation and survey about Atomic Wallet. We won’t stow away even a solitary piece of what we know in this Atomic wallet audit. Instead of this, we would uncover every one of the evaluations that you need to know concerning what the Atomic blockchain-powered wallet does. Doing this will help crypto aficionados to accelerate how they typically select wallets for exchanging.

For reference, there are over 6,000 cryptocurrencies in the world. On the off chance that you’ve decided to put resources into one (or a couple), you need a secure crypto wallet to store your cash, regardless of which crypto you pick. Fortunately, many crypto wallets are there to serve you safely store and deal with your crypto.

In any case, with so many out there, it may not be not difficult to attempt to sort out which one’s best for you. Thus, to take care of you, here’s a whole Atomic Wallet Review. That way, you can choose whether or not this wallet suits your requirements.

Nuclear Wallet Overview

The Atomic Wallet has acquired notoriety in the crypto circle. Also, its key provisions lay on the Atomic Swaps offering, which is a DeFi exchange. Moreover, the Atomic trade was begun in 2017 by a fintech master, Changelly CEO, Konstantin Gladych.

Nuclear wallet upholds clients’ fiat currency bank cards to secure crypto tokens, like Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), and Litecoin (LTC). What’s more, the equipment wallet upholds simple admittance to working frameworks, like macOS, Android, Windows, and iOS.

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Likewise, the stage instant crypto exchange ‘Atomic Wallet‘ has possessions of more than 500 cryptos. Besides, it is a decentralized trade, delivering dynamic security measures and an interface suite for crypto aficionados.

The trade offers administrations, for example, simple trading of 60 or more crypto resources. Likewise, Proof-of-Stake (PoS) resources, and fiat monetary standards from 18 conspicuous worldwide commercial centers. In addition, it offers cash back for trade. Consequently, the essential goal of Atomic is to create a hearty, diverse domain that can speed up the broad apportionment of crypto.

In particular, holding security as fundamental usefulness to fabricate a confided in the organization of clients. In any case, the work area wallet doesn’t impose Know Your Customer (KYC) mandates. Year on Year (YoY), the equipment wallet stage makes 23% in benefits for marking. Along these lines, merchants of Atomic are passed on to stake their local resources. Additionally Cosmos, Tezos, and numerous different coins and tokens.

Nuclear Wallet Coin

Nuclear Wallet Coin (AWC) is the main token gave by the decentralized crypto wallet. Moreover, the coins will fill in as the inner cash of Atomic Wallet. Likewise, AWC will offer advantages to clients, for example, limits on trade services, staking, subsidiary, and abundance rewards. Likewise, with additional provisions for their exchanging work area, a large group of components will before long dispatch.

Besides, the Atomic Wallet Token is accessible on the Binance DEX and IDEX trades. Moreover, clients can partake in Airdrop, member projects, and abundance drives to get AWC tokens.

Nuclear Wallet Fees

Nuclear Swaps crypto trade oversaw by the wallet’s partner service, Simplex. Notwithstanding, the charges permitted by the Atomic Wallet for accomplishing crypto into fiat monetary standards have two components.

Initially, the underlying trade wallet charges for installments of 2% for an exchange measure of $10 for every exchange, separately. Besides, the crypto wallet sets charges on the client’s bank card with a supplier’s buying expense dependent on the specific size of the fiat cash account strategies.

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In any case, the stage charges for this component now with an additional expense of 5% claimed as the crypto buy needs high-hazard execution security for specific coins.

Besides, it is the main wallet where all expenses rely upon the cycle cost inside the Atomic Wallet. Thusly, the cost gauge acquired incorporates the amount of the relative multitude of charges demanded.

Nuclear Wallet Features

Nuclear Wallet has joined practically each of the new revelations in the blockchain. Likewise, it is loaded with easy-to-use highlights conveying it simple to oversee and store crypto.

A portion of the elements joined into Atomic Wallet are:


Nuclear Wallet has a smooth and easy-to-use stage permitting clients to run inside various capacities effortlessly. Additionally, there’s a large group of customization determinations that are feasible for clients. For instance, the airdrop highlight permits clients to participate in any airdrops or bounties related to a specific symbol that they have added.

Inbuilt trade

Nuclear Wallet is elevating peer-to-peer crypto exchanges and in-application crypto trades. Eminently, this is because it has an inbuilt trade. Additionally, Atomic Wallet has joined forces with top decentralized trades like Changelly, Shapeshift, and Binance to work with their inbuilt wallet.


The nuclear wallet is accessible as both a work area and a portable application. Also, the work area adaptation upholds working frameworks like Windows, Linux, macOS, Ubuntu, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg. Simultaneously, the versatile application is accessible on Android and iOS.

Supports card buy

Clients can buy cryptos utilizing their credit and charge cards because of its joint effort with Simplex.

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Portfolio the executives

Nuclear Wallet shows up with value following and the portfolio the executives instruments. Also, it permits clients to screen their ventures’ worth progressively.


The nuclear wallet has joined forces with information suppliers like CoinMarketCap, permitting clients to watch coin costs continuously. The wallet additionally has instruction and news segments to keep clients refreshed with the crypto space’s most recent upgrades.


All clients who were holding AWC-BEP2 get cashback compensations for utilizing an implicit trade administration. The measure of money back procured is reliant upon your participation status. Remarkably, a client who needs to turn into a part just necessities to have somewhere around 100 AWC.

Nuclear Wallet Security Features

Nuclear Wallet shows up with a large group of safety elements to ensure the outright security of the clients. Also, the main element is the client-produced secret key, which is expected to get to the wallet. Simultaneously, it additionally requires a secret phrase to check exchanges and keeping in mind that survey private keys.

Besides, the client produced secret key backings an arbitrarily created 12-word reinforcement expression to recover wallet access. This is if the client’s gadget is lost or taken. Also, Atomic Wallet utilizes TLS and AES encryption to guarantee secure exchanges. Finally, the workers don’t store any information, and Atomic Wallet has zero admittance to the clients’ private keys.

How about we investigate the Atomic wallet survey security highlights:

Secret key

The client needs to make a strong multi-character secret key. Simultaneously, they can make a record either on the versatile application or the work area application.

Recuperation reinforcement

An arbitrarily framed 12-word reinforcement expression will back up the client-produced key. Also, it creates consequently once the client has taken on a record with Atomic Wallet. Consequently, clients can utilize this to recover the wallet and private keys in case of misfortune or robbery of the telephone or PC or failing to remember the secret word.

Unknown exchanging

Nuclear Wallet includes particularly to help mysterious Crypto exchanging. Thus, the wallet won’t need subtleties, for example, name and email address. What’s more, clients won’t be dependent upon KYC and AML confirmation tests.


Nuclear Wallets are non-custodial wallets. This implies that the firm workers won’t store private keys for the client’s sake. In like manner, the client will keep the unlimited authority of the hidden keys.


Nuclear wallets use AES Symmetric encryption innovation to control any unlawful admittance to the client’s resources. Plus, every one of the information and private keys is kept in the client’s wallet.

Nuclear Wallet Supported Countries

This segment of the Atomic Wallet survey will examine the nations upheld by the Atomic wallet. Moreover, you can download and utilize the wallet in more than 100 nations. All the more thus, these nations incorporate the USA, the UK, Australia, Canada, Japan, and India.

Additionally, you open the Google Play Store or App Store and quest for the wallet to know whether the wallet is open in your country. You can download it effectively if your nation upholds the wallet.

Downsides of Using the Atomic Wallet

Presently you’ve seen every one of the advantages you can get from this Atomic wallet survey. In any case, what are the potential downsides? Continue to peruse to perceive what these are.

Restricted Support for Atomic Swaps

Albeit Atomic trades are its primary deal point, the Atomic Wallet just backings a couple of cryptos for this. They are Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Qtum. Then again, the uplifting news is this firm anticipates adding more cryptos for nuclear trades.

No Support for Hardware Wallet Pairing

Assuming you need to combine the Atomic Wallet with an equipment wallet, be prepared to do it single-handedly. Right now, there isn’t an assist set with increasing for this yet. Nonetheless, there apparently will be soon.

You’re Responsible for Security

One of the most remarkable constraints of utilizing the Atomic Wallet is you’re just obligated for security. So in addition to the fact that you need to have the best internet-based practices. In any case, it might be ideal if you additionally store your reinforcement expression safely, all alone. Also, assuming you need to take extra security, you need to match the wallet with an actual one all alone.

Notwithstanding, this downside shows up with all crypto wallets. So regardless of which one you pick, you’ll eventually still be answerable for your advanced security.

Nuclear Wallet Pros and Cons

Like most crypto wallets, there are a few advantages and disadvantages that everybody has to know. We assemble the upsides and downsides you need to know on this Atomic Wallet audit before thinking about this wallet.


Nuclear Wallet is genuine with an interface that is easy to explore.

On the exchanging stage, 500 coins and tokens are permitted through Atomic Swap.

The Atomic Wallet presents private keys put away on the clients’ computerized gadgets, which are scrambled.


  • The Atomic Wallet coin interface doesn’t deliver equipment wallet support.
  • To buy crypto, just chose upheld coins that are open in the wallet.
  • Standard help highlights delivered.


Does Atomic Wallet uphold all monetary standards?

Nuclear Wallet holds 300+ crypto resources and a large number of ERC20 tokens because more than 500 tradable ERC20 tokens are accessible.

Would I be able to pull out from Atomic Wallet straightforwardly to my ledger?

With Atomic Wallet, you can store, send, get a purchase, and trade crypto. Tragically, it is difficult to pull out from Atomic Wallet straightforwardly, as the application doesn’t uphold crypto-to-fiat transformations. So all things being equal, we propose utilizing various administrations to change over your crypto.

Would I be able to have various wallets on one gadget?

On one cell phone, it is unimaginable to expect to have at least two wallets. In any case, you can have various wallets on your work area gadget exclusively by overseeing wallets through discrete client accounts.

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