Secure Account: How to Add Two-Factor Authentication to Blockchain

However initially made for digital money, Blockchain innovation has been clearing its path through numerous businesses, Secure Account and it doesn’t appear as though it will be going anyplace soon. Truth be told, the innovation will undoubtedly be spreading significantly further.

With the significant reason behind Blockchain innovation being expanded protection, it just bodes well to add two-factor confirmation to impede an additional layer of safety. If you have not taken this action yet and wish to do as such, read on for the means you should take.


  • Sign in to your Blockchain account.
  • On the right side where you see the dashboard, click on the “Security Center” tab.
  • Look down to Level 2, click “Empower Two-Step Verification“, and afterward “Empower.”
  • You will then, at that point be provoked to pick how you might want to accept your two-factor verification code, once in a while called a 2FA code.


There are various authenticators accessible, yet three are regularly utilized with Blockchain:


This application is free and simple to utilize. To utilize this choice, after it is downloaded to your gadget, you will:

  • Select “Authenticator App” under empowering in your Blockchain Secure Account.
  • Output the introduced QR code with your authenticator application. You are utilizing an Android, open the application on your gadget. Within the upper right corner, you will see three dabs click them, select “Add an Account”, and afterward examine the code. In case you are utilizing an iOS gadget, open the application, click on the + on the upper right. Then, at that point examine the standardized tag.
  • After you have checked the code, you will see your Wallet ID in the application. You will likewise see 6 numbers that change reliably. This is the 2FA code. At the point when you sign in to your Blockchain account and are provoked to enter a 2FA code. You will enter the one that is showing around then and snap “Check Code.”

2. SMS:

Another alternative is to get passwords on your cell phone. If you pick this choice:

  • Under “Empower”, click “Cell Phone Number.”
  • Enter your number and snap “Get Verification Code.”
  • At the point when the code shows up in a message on your telephone. Basically, enter it and hit “Submit Code.”


For the individuals who have a Yubikey, this is likewise an alternative:

  • Snap Empower and hit Yubikey.
  • Put your Yubikey into the gave field and hit Submit.
  • Every one of the three confirmation apparatuses has straightforward strides to follow and can be set up in minutes. Despite the device you use, two-factor confirmation can assist with securing your Blockchain account much more. Add 2-venture check to your record today.

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