Top Cryptocurrency Games Where You Can Get Token Gifts In 2022


Presently you can play digital money games to acquire token gifts

Procuring pay from playing computer Cryptocurrency Games has generally been restricted to e-sport competitors or content makers. With play-to-acquire, the normal gamer can now adapt their playing time through trading in-game NFTs or finishing targets in return for cryptocurrency rewards. Here are the top cryptocurrency games where we can get token gifts in 2022.

Battle of Guardians


This is the freshest NFT play-to-procure game, worked by a gathering of four-game devotees who needed to sort out some way to play various degrees of Metaverse games. This is a PvP ongoing multiplayer NFT game based on the Solana organization, created by Unreal Engine. As the name recommends, it is a battling game in which players take part in multi-domain clashes in the virtual world.

Marsh is a battling game in which players contend with one another to overcome their adversaries and procure rewards. A science-fiction game with long-haul development potential that is being made utilizing Metaverse’s battling game standards cryptocurrency exchange. It highlights great illustrations that make for an intriguing and pleasurable gaming experience. It likewise has remarkable NFTs and numerous choices to deliver certifiable income for the game and its members.


RaceFi is an extensive NFT vehicle hustling biological system in which players might race or claim parts of the game and procure. It is the Solana biological system’s first AI/ML vehicle dashing game. Players can play to bring in blockchain games and cash in RaceFi’s metaverse by playing different positioned game modes or by possessing in-game property. Players should update their vehicles with fight additional items to be qualified for the fight-to-come mode, and the matches will comprise eight racers max. There won’t be any time-breaking point or end goal; all things considered, members will proceed to assault and contend until just one victory vehicle remains.


Rainmaker is high-gifted digital money and stock dream game program intended to teach and assemble all stock/value/crypto market devotees from everywhere the world on a solitary stage to play blockchain games against each other. At the same time, you can find how to bring in cash in the stock and crypto markets by playing an internet-based dream exchanging game.

Utilizing techniques, further developing venture strategies, and further developing cash the executive’s methodology. Rainmaker is one of the primary dream exchanging stages that work on an essential internet-based dream gaming guideline as far as client motivating forces. It uses information from live occasions, investigations, and variances in the ongoing stock and overall cryptocurrency guide Reddit markets, as well as constant trade information.

Essentially download the application, make a profile, participate in challenges, and play to procure remunerates day today.


With a genuine cash framework (POG Coin). Polygonum is a multiplayer endurance recreation game where players might buy and exchange game items, make their areas, structure networks, and my coins and minerals. The game is set in an open climate with three essential zones PVP (player-versus-player), PVE (hunting and investigating), and FARM (cultivating). The single server empowers clients to enlist and remain web-based utilizing an assortment of gadgets like PC and telephones. Story missions, hunting, fishing, and mining are for the most part accessible to those that adoration drawing in with their environmental factors.

Mines of Dalarnia

Sent off on the Binance Launchpool, Mines of Dalarnia is an activity experience gaming project that includes a one-of-a-kind blockchain-fueled housing market. Excavators fight beasts and obliterate squares to track down valuable assets, while landowners give the land and assets. Players can likewise collaborate with companions to overcome beasts, complete journeys, cryptocurrency jobs, and open in-game prizes. Mines of Dalarnia’s in-game resources are accessible for buy on the Binance NFT Marketplace through their forthcoming IGO assortment in Q1 of 2022.

My Neighbor Alice

My Neighbor Alice is a multiplayer world-building game that consolidates the smartest possible solution. A connection with experience for ordinary gamers, and a biological system for NFT merchants and authorities. Players buy and own virtual plots of land as an NFT token from Alice or the commercial center. There is a scant stock of accessible land, so costs vacillate in the commercial center. On the off chance that you’re a brilliant landowner, you’ll open extra advantages through the in-game standing framework.

Notwithstanding land, players can purchase and use in-game resources like houses, creatures, veggies, enhancements, or corrective things for their symbol. The essential in-game money is the Alice token, which is likewise accessible for buy on Binance. Alice tokens are utilized for in-game exchanges, such as purchasing areas, and explicit DeFi administrations like marking, collateralization, and buyback.



Mobox is a cross-stage GameFi metaverse that consolidates gaming NFTs with DeFi yield cultivating. Players can get Mobox NFTs, otherwise called MOMOs. Through Binance NFT Mystery Box dispatches or the Binance NFT optional commercial center. Players can cultivate, fight and produce cryptocurrency guide prizes with their MOMO NFTs. The stage likewise permits players to exchange their MOMOs. Stake them to cultivate MBOX tokens, or use them as insurance inside the MOBOX metaverse. Mobox gives direct interactivity that consolidates free-to-endlessly play to-acquire mechanics. The game focuses on NFT interoperability, empowering players to at the same time utilize their MOBOX resources across numerous games.

Axie Infinity

Notable among the crypto local area, Axie Infinity is a Pokemon-roused Play-to-procure game. Where players fight, raise, and exchange dream animals called Axis. The game boosts players to set their Axies in opposition to one another in return for in-game cash called little love elixirs (SLP).


Illuvium is a forthcoming blockchain game in an open-world, RPG setting. When they’re in your assortment, Illivuals can be utilized in the fight against different players while you’re questing, finishing difficulties, or playing through Illuvium’s story. The center repairman of the Illuvium project is gathering and tweaking your NFT Illuvials. Each Illuvial has a relating partiality and class. There are five classes and five affinities, all with remarkable qualities and shortcomings. Your Illuvial turns out to be all the more impressive as you win fights and complete journeys Cryptocurrency marketing.

The Sandbox

The Sandbox is a Play-to-Earn virtual metaverse. Where clients can possess the land, mess around, or even form their own game. Add to the virtual world as an authority, craftsman. In Addition, Or game decider, or experience the various games as an ordinary player. Assuming you’re hoping to purchase computerized land or land, The Sandbox is probably the greatest name in the metaverse.


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